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Tailored employee benefits & recognition in one platform.

Tedy allows employers to create a customized employee benefits and recognition programs, in line with their budget and catering to the unique needs of each employee. All of this in 15 minutes or less, with no contract, no burden, headache free.

18 flexible spending categories

Tedy allows your business culture to shine by giving you full control over category selection and allowances. Isn't that amazing? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Works like a charm

For the employer

Customize your benefits plan according to your organization's culture and values

โœ“ Select from 18 wellness categories that reflect your company's values

โœ“ Determine the amount and frequency of allowances for your employees


โœ“ Add your employees


Tedy takes care of everything!ย Claims management, payment and reporting are all automated.

For employees

Flexible allowances that reflect the real needs of your employees

โœ“ Anytime access to their flexible benefits portfolio via a simple, easy-to-use application

โœ“ Make their purchases from any merchant, as long as the expenditure corresponds to the categories selected by the employer

โœ“ Can make their claims confidentially and in just a few clicks

โœ“ Receive their refund within a few days by Interac transfer

Your 360ยฐ well-being companion

You can now setup a variety of programs to become
a better employer and strengthen your employees engagement.

Tedy Flexible Employee Benefits Amount

Lifestyle & Wellness wallet

Choose a truly flexible wellness and leisure portfolio, tailored to your individual needs. You define your budget, choose the categories that interest you, and Tedy takes care of the rest for you.

Tedy Loyalty with employee benefits

Recognition and rewards program

No need to run out and buy gift cards! Tedy lets you spontaneously allocate amounts to employees in recognition of their achievements or important events.

Tedy Flexible for employee benefits

Active life program

Create a wallet exclusively dedicated to your employees' active lifestyles and well-being, offering more than just traditional gym benefits. Your employees can now claim new training shoes, fitness app subscriptions, or even a treadmill.

Tedy telemedicine and EAP for employee benefits

Telemedicine and EAP

Enhance the Tedy experience by providing access to healthcare professionals via the Telus Health platform.

Tedy Sports for employee benefits

Trusted by leading brands

Tedy is a great help in the recruitment process. It makes it easy for everyone and it takes the mental load off the managers.

Lysanne Perreault

Norsfell Games

Tedy is an excellent tool for attracting and retaining employees. Its flexibility and autonomy perfectly match the needs of our agents and employees!

Francine Normand

Harnois Energies

Tedy allows our workers to have benefits that reflect their image, at a cost that is affordable for a nonprofit. There is something in it for everyone!

Sophie Gloutnay

L'Accueil pour Elle

"Tedy helps tremendously with recruitment. It makes everyone's life easier, and it frees up the mental load for managers."

Lysanne Perreault

Norsfell Games

"Tedy is an excellent tool for attracting and retaining staff. Its flexibility and autonomy are a perfect match for the needs of agents and employees!"

Mathieu Robillard

Harnois Energies

"Tedy allows our workers to have benefits that reflect their image, at a cost that is accessible to a nonprofit. There is something in it for everyone!"

Sophie Gloutnay

L'Accueil pour Elle

"Tedy is simple, fast and confidential. Our existing employees are extremely happy and our new employees are excited about all the possibilities the platform offers!"

Cathy Daraiche

Gestion Marc Breton

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