We're reinventing employee benefits.

Our history

Tedy is the result of three entrepreneurs, friends, and business partners who joined forces to revolutionize what we call “corporate culture”. While working within the same company, we observed that the concept of what we refer to as group insurance, benefits, perks, and well-being was shifting from being a unique selling point for employers to becoming a mere commodity for employees. We created Tedy to profoundly change this.

‍The dynamics between employees and employers have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, partly due to a global pandemic and a shift in the values of different generations.

Very little has evolved in terms of what we call benefits, recognition, and employee engagement over the last 30 years. At Tedy, our mission is to rectify this and relocate what we refer to as benefits to their rightful place – at the core of an employer's culture and values, rather than the administrative, costly, and complex burden they have become for so many.

Leadership and vision

We are not a group insurance company. We are not group insurance brokers. We are not human resources consultants. We are corporate culture enthusiasts (and geeks!), deeply inspired by organizations that aspire to be the best employers they can be.

Most importantly, we strive to democratize what we call "personalized benefits and well-being" for everyone. Whether it's the 10-person design studio, the corner café or the most innovative startup in town. We're here for SMEs that want to create extraordinary cultures that finally stand out.

We're a solid, experienced team. Here's a quick summary of who we are.

Pablo Stevenson

As former CEO and founder of a well-known digital agency, Pablo led the acquisition of his company by one of Canada's research giants. During his 17-year tenure, he cultivated a culture of growth that earned him three consecutive appearances on the prestigious Growth 500 list and two rankings among the best places to work in Canada. Drawing on his extensive expertise in corporate culture and growth, Pablo is now propelling Tedy to the next level.

Sydney Wingender

With a decade of experience in product design and user experience, Sydney boasts a track record of data-driven solutions for the political world and marketing agencies. Currently, he is leading Tedy's product and technology vision to create a fully automated, highly personalized platform. Sydney is a regular speaker and contributor to podcasts, covering topics ranging from technology to culture and growth.

JF Lessard

JF is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years' experience in sales and marketing. He is also co-founder of a major player in the Canadian media landscape. After a successful exit from the media world (a lifestyle news website), JF played a key role in the franchise expansion of fast food companies and is a strategic reference when it comes to SMEs and their needs.

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